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The homebuyer of today is far more informed than they were just 4 years ago thanks to the Internet. Before homebuyers jump into the real estate market they do their home-work.

They come to this web site to understand:

  • what kind of loan they qualify for

  • how much they qualify for

  • how much house their money will buy

  • what their options are

  • what range to expect their interest rate to fall in

Buyers do all this BEFORE they ever contact a mortgage company or real estate company.


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We have been here for over sixteen years and are trusted by homebuyers and industry professionals. We communicate with them every day, answering their questions and helping them find options to their specific situations.

We do not collect leads or originate loans. That is why we developed the Professional Guide.

Our directory is divided into States and then Cities

We believe in and support the independent mortgage brokers, real estate agents, appraisers title companies, inspectors and movers. Our buyers do too and they want to do business with someone in their neighborhood. Put your name in our directory and they will see you first.

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  • Brief Description: Why You Are Their Best Choice.

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